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Alan sat next to the transformed girl, trying to ignore her pleasant giggling as he tried to focus on class. However, shortly after it began his attention was grabbed by a familiar little red figure sitting at the edge of his desk.

"Hey boss! Why're ya so sour? C'mon, let's go out there and get you some tail! I could easily slip you out, nobody'd be the wiser!"

He swatted at her to no effect, hissing under his breath. "Get out of here and leave me alone! You're going to get me in trouble!"

"Relax! Remember, only you can see me, and my magic makes it so that nobody cares that you're talking to me. As long as I'm with you, you can do whatever you want and nobody would give a damn! Now come oooon! This joint's boring!"

Ignoring her whining, he fixed his eyes back at the front of the room.

"Just leave me alone, I've got to focus on this lecture. I just wish the rest of the class would focus as much... so many students ignoring the teacher..."

"You got it boss!"

"No wait, what?! Neph, sto-" But she was already gone. His eyes darted around the room, trying to find where she'd gone, only to lock onto the teacher Mrs. Jameson, seeing her suddenly go into a familiar daze.

Neph's hands roamed over her body as voices whispered in the teacher's head, telling her to be more upbeat and flirty with her students to make sure that they were always watching her. Her curves blossomed out as her stomach toned and her hair lengthened. Her conservative dress split apart into a revealing outfit that was definitely unfit for the school dress code.

Not that anyone cared. As the new and improved Ms. Juggs, she giggled and continued lecturing, though now she had a much more cheery and bubbly tone to her previously monotone voice, the class watching in pleasured awe.

Alan simply sat, stunned at the sight before him. His teacher was now a buxom bimbo, yet she still taught the same material. His jaw dropped, ignorant to the fact that she wasn't the only person in the class that Neph had changed. In fact, she'd taken it upon herself to turn some of the more inattentive students into attentive bimbos, ready to learn from their role model teacher.

"Y'see boss! Now ain't this so much better?"

Alan stared forward, saying only one thing in response:

"I need you out of my life. Now."

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Alan was an ordinary young man, a plain old Average Joe who didn't stand out at all. He went to school, had a few friends, kept out of trouble, and otherwise wasn't remarkable in any way. And he was happy with that.

But then one day, Alan's happy, boring little life was turned upside down. On his way to school that fateful day, Alan discovered a strange orb lying on the ground. Curious, he picked it up.

"Huh. Wonder what this is doing here?"

In a burst of light, the orb erupted in his hand, vanishing as the silhouette of a hellish figure appeared. It was a head shorter than him, with horns and wings. And as the light faded, the figure came into better detail.

"Phew! Took one of you mortals long enough to let me out! 'sup, new boss! I'm-"

The demonic girl's introduction was cute short as Alan let out a startled gasp, followed by an immediate and unwise accusation.

"Are you... some kind of... imp?"

"Hey! Who you callin' an imp, you hairless ape! I'm a friggin' succubus! What, just cause I ain't got big bouncin' tits and I'm a bit on the short side means I'm an imp? The heck's wrong with you?!"

Alan jumped back as the demon flew up into his face, enraged by his question. He quickly apologized, backing off.

"Okay, okay, you're a succubus! Just, what do you want with me?"

The short-stacked succubus smirked.

"Why, an excellent question boss!" she exclaimed, pulling away from him. "Well, first off, introductions. My name's Nepharamati, but you can just call me Neph, everyone does. And you?"

Alan was surprised that she would ask him. But as he opened his mouth to respond, she interrupted by continuing.

"Actually, that doesn't really matter, I'll just keep callin' ya boss. And as for what I want... well, I'm here to make your life more... interesting. See, I was trapped by that orb for a very long time. And I wasn't allowed out until some rube mortal like you touched it. Someone with a life so boring that they NEEDED my personal touch to make it better! So now I'm your servant for the rest of your mortal life! Your every wish and desire are my commands, bossman!"

Alan was speechless. This was... insane. He didn't want anything special. He didn't want to have a demon chick following around doing god knows what to his life. Before he could object though, she once again interjected.

"Oh ho! Check out that hottie, eh boss? That chest, those legs, that cold expression... mmph! You want that chick, boss?"

"Wuh-" Alan began, confused by the crazy little succubus' ravings. "No, what? I don't-... that's Mandy Parks, the most popular girl in school! Even if I did want to be with her, there's no way she'd ever pay attention to me. Though sometimes I do wish she were nicer, but-"


Alan looked to the demon on his shoulder. "Come again?"

"Consider it done. Your wish is my command!"

"Wait what?! No don't-"

But he was too late. Going off of his random comment, Neph vanished, and in a blur Alan saw time slow to a halt. Neph's hands roamed over the popular girl's body, reshaping her to better suit her master's whim. With a few personal touches, of course.

When Neph was done with her, Mandy was a completely different person. Kind, sweet, innocent... completely the opposite of the old, cold Mandy. In addition, she was now quite different physically. Her breasts seemed larger, bulging out of her changed wardrobe, and her legs seemed to stretch longer, though the rest of her seemed shorter.

"Oh, hey Alan!" the new Mandy called out as time resumed its natural flow. "Want to walk with me to first period?"

"Uh... sure Mandy! Just uh, just give me a second." Alan was shocked by the rapid change. Turning to see Neph, small enough to fit in his hand and sitting on his shoulder, he hissed to her.

"What did you do!?"

"Simple boss. I made her nicer. Best part is that my powers rewrite reality, see? So nobody but us remembers what she was like! Oh yeah, and only you can see me, so don't worry 'bout that neither. I can make it seem perfectly normal that you're talkin' to yourself. You're welcome by the way!"

"Turn her back!"

"Whaaat? Back? To that boring bitch? C'mon boss, see the big picture here! Besides... my magic ain't easy to reverse..." She gave him a devilish grin, making it clear that she had no intentions of turning back anything that she did.

Alan gulped. His normal life was about to become... interesting.
Alan's Interesting Life
An average guy named Alan ends up as the master of a mischievous, impish succubus named Neph, who promises to make his boring life more interesting.
Project AEGIS
The first page of a new project on Tumblr.…

To sum it up, a hapless amnesiac is being placed into a virtual reality where they are at the whim of the audience and their perverted desires. Each post, the AI will select a random command from one of the audience members to implement.

This will likely be the only one I upload here, as this is likely going to be too risque for DeviantArt's standards. Plus I really don't care about this website, so there's that too.

If you'd like to participate, please consider following the Tumbr linked above.
Magically Macro Maria
Uh oh! Looks like a certain plumber grabbed a strange mushroom. Now he, or rather she, is towering over the landscape, very, very confused by her newest transformation.

I had the idea for a series of images of male video game protagonists in the aftermath of being transformed into macro gender bents of themselves. So here's Mario as a confused giantess.

I don't know if I'll be continuing this, but it was definitely a fun experiment.
This is Thaeryn. He is a shadowy, shapeshifting being with magical powers. He is also how I represent myself online.

This was mainly for my Tumblr, but I decided I would share this here as well, because why not.



Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I am Tomsketchit, and I'm pretty much done with DeviantArt. I hate this place for a lot of reasons, and the only reason I come back here at all is because of the few people I like who exclusively post here. If you want to see my art, go to my Tumblr, it's linked as my web address somewhere on here. If you want to read my writing, look me up on FurAffinity, my username is the same as this account.
I'd like to do something special for my favorite holiday, so I'm planning a big Halloween themed TF sequence.
However, I'm having a hard time singling it down to one idea, so I am putting you, the fans, up to the task of helping me decide what I will do.

The sequence will be three to five images long, and will definitely involve breast expansion and transformation, possibly also involving age progression and/or TG depending on what is chosen. It will definitely be a full line art, still debating whether or not I should color it. It will probably depend on how long it takes to complete.

I will be posting it to Tumblr, Furaffinity, and Deviantart.

The survey to help narrow down my ideas is here. (or there if that doesn't work for you.)

Any opinions at all will be appreciated. The results will be taken on the 26, the Monday before Halloween.

Thank you, and good luck.


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